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Components of Tube Heat Exchangers

Tube Heat Exchanger is a class of heat exchanger designs used in all processes. It has several variations within its own group.

In tube heat exchangers, heat transfer surface consists of tubes.

While one fluid runs through the tubes, other fluid flows outside the tubes but inside the shell as parallel or across the tubes. So, heat is transferred over tube surfaces.

Components of Tube Heat Exchangers

• Straight or U bend tubes enabling heat transfer

• Shell manufactured from tube or bent plate

• Face plate or face plates by which the tubes are fixed

• Baffles directing the flow outside the tube but inside the shell and supporting the tubes

• Nozzles enabling the exit and entrance of shell side fluid

• Head and Head Nozzles enabling the exit and entrance of tube side fluid

• Flanges that detect mirror and heads
• Carrying legs enabling the assembly of heat exchanger on any base

• Isolation preventing heat loss from the outer surfaces of heat exchanger


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