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What is a Blower?

Blowers are installation equipment that provides the transfer of air in the emitted environment at high or low pressure and rotates the fan with the force received from the motor.

What is a Blower?

Blower is a plumbing equipment that rotates the fan with the force it receives from the engine, which transfers the air in the emitted environment at high flow or low pressure. The fan in the blowers rotates and vacuum the air in the suction section. The trapped air is then pushed into the outlet side. Blowers are often used to move air. MIT brand blowers offer the most reliable service for your application areas in terms of size, performance and technology.

Why MIT Blower?

MIT centrifugal blowers have a maintenance-free, highly efficient fan, electric motor and various mounting (horizontal and vertical) shapes. It provides high pressure and vacuum and can produce oil-free air. Easy to install and maintenance-free AC motor. Vibration is minimal with dynamic balancing. It can be mounted horizontally and vertically. Sweden SFK or Japanese NSK bearing is used for a longer life span and can be used for 3-5 years without any problem.

Blower Pump Advantages

MIT branded blowers are designed to provide the best service to our valued customers with our expert engineer staff. We offer you the most efficient blow with the advantage of MIT brand below.

  • Maximum air flow rate of 2500 mbar / h
  • Maximum pressure can create 1000 mbar.
  • High temperature operation (max: 130 ° C)
  • Provides quiet working environment (50-85 dBA)
  • Environment friendly thanks to lack of working and pollution level
  • Vibration is minimized with dynamic balance adjustment.
  • Easy to install. Suitable for horizontal and vertical installation
  • Swedish SKF or Japanese NSK bearing is used, which makes it efficient and long lasting use.
  • Provides 3-5 years of trouble-free operation under normal conditions.

What are the Blower Types?

Single-Stage Blowers: Single-stage blowers are a variety of blowers ranging from 40 to 1370 in the flow range, 0-460 mbar pressures and in motor forces in the range of 0.2 to 18.5 kw. Double Stage Blowers: Double stage blowers are a variety of blowers ranging from 88-2050 flow rates, pressures ranging from 0-670 mbar and engine powers in the range of 0.7 to 25 kw.

Blower Selection

The most important information needed for blower selection (for air) is listed as follows.
  • Air flow rate required
  • The positive pressure of the blower to be used for air transfer (such as mbar, bar, mSS) Vacuum value of the blower (-mbar, -bar)
  • Ambient temperature
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