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Politics of Institutionalisation

Our customer focused strategy and aiming the "best ",giving the necessary value to human resources,to be aware of that creating development resources,to be aware of giving power to our country is our main policy.

Politics of Institutionalisation

Since 2005 year to this,EKiN Industrial is leading the heating-cooling sector with expriences of years and success story. EKiN Industrial is contiuning giving value the sector with MIT label products and creating new developments with its various product range, fast logistics, design differences, quality understanding, manufacturing process,before/after sales services and expert engineer squad...

EKiN Industrial provides MIT label products with customer focused approach to fulfill customers request. EKiN Industrial develops its manufacturing and service processes with new technologies and new designs on HVAC sector.
EKiN Industrial is combining its marketing understanding and modern manufacturing process with expert engineer's experiences . While raising its standarts on heating-cooling areas, at the same time EKiN aims to grow Turkey on this area.

Mission: Our young and dynamic engineers who understand customer's needs , expactations and gain customer's trust, help development of our country with new technologies and quality manufacturing process.

Vision: To carry our leadership in Turkey to the world and to make MIT brand one of most valuable brands in the world in 2023.

Quality policy: EKiN Industrial plays an important role in national and international competitions with not only its economic advantages also its quality , reliability and fast logistics actions.

During this period, EKiN Industrial which manufactures regarding to TSE quality standarts and ISO 9001:2008-CE quality system management standarts, became a trustable company with its service process and quarantee conditions.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Policy : Our all staffs deserve to work in a healthy and safe environment, "the philosophy of OHS policy consists of the following principles.

* EKiN Industrial declares to create minimal risk reduction by making risk analysis of the entire company to provide a healtier and safer work enviroment.
* To provide continous improvement and development works with OHS applications
* To arrange trainings to make employees aware of their personal responsibilities
* To behave regarding to rules of occupational health and safety policy and laws


Enviroment Policy
Our company which gets busy heating-cooling and air conditioning sector, works as innovator and respectful company to enviroment in national and international competitons and globelized world.

For this purpose , to use natural resources carefully,to care our enviromental waste, to act regarding to legal laws , to organise educations about globelized world and to support developments in this area are our main policies.

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Contents of Professional Service Package:

  • Plate supply for every brand and model.
  • Gasket supply for every brand and model.
  • Revision and cleaning of plate heat exchanger.
  • Fast and detailed cleaning of heat exchanger plates.
  • Cleaning heat exchanger plates with special chemicals.
  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
  • Delivery of heat exchanger operating like it is new.
  • 7 days 24 hours service opportunity.

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