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Hot Water Distribution Systems

Hot Water Distribution Systems’ construction is made of hot galvanized, or epoxy painted steel. These systems flow naturally, has closed tops and an overflow system. They have minimum pumping pressure and can serve for a very long time. In these systems, water distribution with natural flow is made with specially designed polypropylene sprinklers.

Air Inlet Shutters

Air Inlet Shutters are made of hot galvanized or epoxy painted sheet metal. They are designed to regulate the air flow uniformly and minimize the icing problem.

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Herringbone Separator

Separators made of plastic polystyrene reduce the power drawn from the fan because they direct the air well. They are easy to control and maintain. Since the separators are installed as double pass, they hold the water in the air. Drift loss is below 2%. Plastic fillers are high-performance devices made of polystyrene plastic. They have been specially designed and manufactured to keep the water-air contact at a maximum level. They can also be made of PVC upon special request.

Tower Body

The tower bodies are designed and manufactured with optimal durability and easy portability in mind. The tower body consists of pools and the upper body. They are made of epoxy painted steel against corrosion. They can also be made of hot galvanized steel upon request.


The fans are specially designed for towers and are made of silent, fully balanced, corrosion-resistant material. They are directly coupled up to MIT-SK 19 series. They are driven by belt-pulley assembly in other types.

Fan Protector

The fan protectors are made of round profile iron to prevent foreign materials from entering the system. in They have an aerodynamic structure. Since they are pitched, the fan protectors are detachable.

Fan Cylinder

The fan cylinder is designed to allow air to enter the area easily, so that the tower operates efficiently.

Water Filter

These filters are mounted on the pool suction to ensure that the water going to the pump is cleared of foreign materials.

Entry-Exit Manifold

The hot water inlet is installed in the upper pool and the cold water outlet in the lower pool.


Fittings consist of feed generator that can meet evaporation and drift losses, transport connection, and dischargeconnection.

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