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Cooling Towers

Cooling towers are structures designed to provide cooling water in industrial facilities and residential areas. Hot water coming from the system is sprayed inside these towers, this way the heat is given to the atmosphere. Thus, the heat is removed from the environment and the process water is lowered to wet bulb temperature.

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Types of Water Cooling Tower

There are two types of water cooling towers: counter flow towers and cross flow towers. In counter-flow water cooling towers, water flows from top to bottom, while air moves from bottom to top. In cross flow water cooling towers, the air flow is horizontal while the water goes down from above. Counter-flow towers have been preferred more frequently in recent years.

How Do Cooling Towers Work?

In counter-flow water cooling towers, hot water coming from the facility is sprayed homogeneously from top to bottom of the tower with the help of a specially manufactured water distribution system and sprinklers. Sprayed water bodies are shattered by filtering through tower fillings. The air, which has the humidity of the outdoor environment, is sucked from the bottom up through the fillings with the help of the engine fan group. Water, which meets air on the cooling surface of the filling, cools by giving heat to the air and it evaporates partially. The cooled water is collected in the cold water pool of the tower and sent back to operation. The air with increased humidity due to the evaporation of the water (close to the saturation rate), is thrown into the atmosphere from the fan shaft at the top of the tower.

Cooling Tower Usage Areas

Water cooling towers are generally used in the following industries.

  • Iron & Steel
  • Petro Chemical Plants
  • Energy
  • Textile
  • Food and Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Glass
  • Mining & Chemical
  • Plastic & Packaging
  • Business and Shopping Centers
  • Hotels and Social Facilities
  • Air Handling Facilities

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