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As EKİN Industrial, "Client satisfaction" is our first aim. We have our own field team to provide fast and reliable maintenance to our clients.


As EKİN Industrial, ''Client satisfaction'' is our first aim. We have our own field team to provide fast and reliable maintenance to our clients.
In other words, there is no authorized 3rd party company to provide maintenance for MIT products. EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL field team and technicians has the experience and multifaceted skills to make things right .

EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL field team are trained and responsive in every service situation. They're backed by outstanding engineers in our office. Maintenance service is also backed by compturized system to follow the issue 7/24.

Our maintenance department would call the client and make an appointment before sending our team for service.

Feel free to call 444 3 546- EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL for maintenance, anytime!

How do EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL train their maintenance technicians?

EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL maintenance technicians; are subject to an examination before employement. If they succeed the exam, they are trained for 3 months by our experienced engineers. After the training, they get a final exam to become a technician in our company.

EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL continues to train the maintenance team by providing technical and psychological trainings every 6 months to keep their knowledge updated. Any deficiency in team is avoided by this method.

Additional Warranty and Maintenance
EKİN ENDÜSTRiYEL offers you an option to provide better customer satisfaction. You can apply for additional warranty and coverage to make your products even last longer.

In the period of additional warranty, any maitenance service, spare parts and transportation costs are covered by us. A general cleaning and supervision for your products is also provided, once a year in the period of additional warranty.Please call 444 3 546 for further information and to experience EKİN ENDUSTRIYEL's customer support.

Why should you have an additional warranty?
If you have MIT exchangers in your factory, company or in your house you will need an additional warranty, after regular warranty period is finished. Therefore you can easily continue to have our maitenance support without any additional cost.

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Contents of Professional Service Package:

  • Plate supply for every brand and model.
  • Gasket supply for every brand and model.
  • Revision and cleaning of plate heat exchanger.
  • Fast and detailed cleaning of heat exchanger plates.
  • Cleaning heat exchanger plates with special chemicals.
  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
  • Delivery of heat exchanger operating like it is new.
  • 7 days 24 hours service opportunity.

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