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Condensing Stainless Economizer

What is an Economizer?

In today’s competitive conditions where energy costs have gained importance, consumers look for way to use energy both efficiently and economically. This quest makes the energy economy a need and obligation.

The economizer is an overall name given to energy-saving systems used in the preheating of fluids to reduce energy consumption and to save energy.


Why Should Economizer Be Used?

When economizer is added to the system, amount of investment per produced unit heat energy will be reduced. Since economizer lowers the chimney temperature, unnecessary hot smoke gas within the chimney is cooled and discharged.

In this way, loss of efficiency resulting from an increase in air surplus coefficient can be recovered at a significant level.

How It Works?

Boiler feeding water is heated with smoke gases within the economizer system before entering into actual heating surfaces of the boiler. In this way, since the temperature difference between water sent to the boiler and the water being heated is reduced, discharging of gases in water is facilitated and thermal efficiency increases. Especially, this system, recommended when natural gas is used as fuel, is also environmentally friendly product.


  • Compatible with all gas-fired boiler models within the capacity range of 200,000 kcal/h to 5,000,000 kcal/h.
  • Production in two separate models that are mounted of boilers (internal) or that can be mounted. They were at boiler chimney outlet (external).
  • Compatible with all brand and model gas-fired boilers.
  • An average of 5% to 10% efficiency increase in systems used.
  • The whole body is covered with 80-mm thick mineral-based insulation material.
  • All surfaces where condensation occurs 316 titanium alloy stainless steel material.
  • Special body design for discharging condensation water.
  • High efficiency heat transfer surface thanks to finned pipes.

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