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Flat Access Stations

System Features

There is no boiler in boiler room, but instead of this, domestic hot water is produced in these units with exchanger at the flat entrances.

These units involve the compact heat exchanger which instantly provides hot water and the differential pressure control valve that provides balance distribution of water between the radiators and the exchanger.

Different control courses can be pursued in apartment and local heating network transfer stations:

Direct: Controls can only be made with differential pressure control elements and optionally, the help of control valves which are controlled by programmable thermostats.

Technical Parameters:
Nominal Pressure : PN16
Heating Line Temperature : Max.120°C
Min. Domestic Cold Water Pressure : Pmin=0,5 Bar
Exchanger Material : AISI316 Stainless Steel
Pipes : AISI316 Stainless Steelk
Primary Circuit Pressure Loss : 25-35 Kpa

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