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Advantages Of Gear Pumps - GEAR PUMPS

Advantages Of Gear Pumps - GEAR PUMPS
  • It can transfer medium sized solids.
  • There is no friction between the surface materials during fluid transfer.
  • The pump can be cleaned while it is connected to the service line.
  • It works silently.
  • IIt provides an easy flow by preventing the fluid passing through the material from freezing in pumps with heating jacket option. It easily transfers the product to be transferred without disturbing its feature.
  • As an option, it can be used on a portable wheeled chassis, by making panel application, it provides convenience in different areas of use. All it takes is to connect the power line to the panel on the chassis.
  • By taking its energy from the vehicle without taking up space on land vehicles, it provides convenience especially in the process of unloading and filling of food tankers.
  • It performs the transfer of low and high viscosity products without any problem.
Information on Gear Pump Selection

When making gear pump selections, the features of the product to be transferred, the features of the line to be transferred are the desired technical details. These values are shown in the table in detail below.

Advantages Of Gear Pumps - GEAR PUMPS
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