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What is Hydraulic Oil Cooler?

Oil coolers with fans are a type of heat exchanger that provides oil cooling with air.

What is Hydraulic Oil Cooler?

Oil coolers with fans, also known as oil cooler heat exchangers with fans, are the machines that uses air to cool the oil that reaches unusable temperatures. Overheated oils used in machines become reusable through the oil coolers with fans. The oil passing through the fins moves through the pipes without mixing with the air, the oil moving in the corrugated pipes is cooled and reused thanks to the fans.

Constituent Parts of the Oil Cooler with Fan:

  • Cooler: It is the equipment that provides cooling of the oil.
  • Fan guard: It is the system that protects the fan.
  • Wing tip:Customized structures on fan blades
  • Fan Blades:Equipment for blowing air.
  • Finns: These are crimped pipes produced to prolong the movement of the oil.

Fields of Applications

  • Cooling engine oils of construction machines, drills, and breakers
  • In agricultural machinery, in the cooling of motor oils of agricultural machinery
  • In the oil cooling circuits of forest products obtaining machines
  • In oil cooling systems in the mining industry, drilling machines, etc.
  • Cooling the oil heated by the piston in compressor applications
  • Cooling of heated oils at temperatures that cannot fulfill their duties in hydraulic systems, generators, wind turbines, railways, automotive and aviation industries.

What is the Difference of Oil Coolers with Fans from Other Oil Coolers?

Oil coolers with fans do not require the use of an extra fluid other than air and oil. They use air as the cooling fluid. It takes up very little space compared to other heat exchangers. Heat transfer costs are also lower since it is lower cost than other plumbing equipment.

In places where fan oil coolers are difficult to use, gasketed heat exchangers, welded heat exchangers and shell and tube heat exchangers are used. You can get information from our experts by clicking here to find out which heat exchanger type is more suitable for your project.

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