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YS4 Series Hydraulic Oil Coolers With DC Motor

Ys-4 series oil coolers are machines resistant to 20 bar working pressure and 35 oC working temperature. YS-4 series oil coolers are used in research machines, street cleaning vehicles, hydrostatic drives, etc.

YS-4 Serisi

The YS-4 series offer trouble-free performance thanks to its compact and powerful design, proven by field tests. Thanks to the air-fin design that minimizes the pollution coefficient, cooling efficiency is long-lasting. Its aluminum heat sinks and connections make these devices both durable and able to provide rapid heat transfer. It can be designed for both engine and industrial applications, according to customer requirements. The inlet and outlet connections of the oil are reversible and support both 12- and 24-volt DC fans.

Industrial Applications

Oil coolers are used on a wide variety of mobile machines worldwide:

  • Research Machines
  • Municipal Street Cleaning Vehicles
  • Hydrostatic Drives
  • Construction Machinery
  • Underground Mining
  • Engine Oil Cooling

Technical Information

Maximum Working Pressure: 20 psi

Maximum Operating Temperature: : 300 °C

Hydraulic Oil Maximum Inlet Temperature: 70 °C

Materials in its structure


Fan Housing:Plastic

Fan Blades:Plastic

DC Motor Hydraulic Oil Coolers

  • Bar & plate welded aluminum core
  • Compact and powerful design, proven by field tests
  • High heat transfer suitable for the model
  • Air-fin design that minimizes the pollution coefficient
  • Welded aluminum connection port / connection equipment
  • Standard NPT Mouth, SAE BSPP is available.
  • 12- or 24-Volt DC Fans

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  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
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