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MIT Water Heater Tanks

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Water Heater Tanks Durability Tests

MIT water heater innovative structure, insulation and environmentally sensitive design responds to the needs of users. Depending on customer requirements with the experience to easily adapt to different designs.

Citric Acid Resistance Test :
According to the European standard tests performed with 10% citric acid solution is used. Citric acid solution with a period of 15 min, applied to the surface enamel, ultimately had on enamel resistance to deformation is determined by the acid. Citric acid test is performed according to ISO 2722 standards. Enameled water heater tests, such as citric acid solution for 20 min at MIT a long process and the result is of course the amount is classified as the highest level of AA.

Hair Quality :
Resistance to aging water heater with MIT, with good weldability and deep drawability prominent features, single / dual layer or single / double firing enamel coating used by TRKK 6222 Eregli suitable for cold forming uses a low-carbon hot-rolled steel sheet. MIT also galvanized S355J2 accumulation tanks (ST 52-3) uses a sheet.

Resistance to boiling water and steam :
The test piece for 48 hours in boiling water and water vapor are tested. At the end of this process, a quantity of the test piece on the enamel is reduced. According to European standards, this amount is 3.5 g / m². MIT's water heater products, these little 2 gr / m².

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  • Plate supply for every brand and model.
  • Gasket supply for every brand and model.
  • Revision and cleaning of plate heat exchanger.
  • Fast and detailed cleaning of heat exchanger plates.
  • Cleaning heat exchanger plates with special chemicals.
  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
  • Delivery of heat exchanger operating like it is new.
  • 7 days 24 hours service opportunity.

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