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Heat Exchanger Plate Types

Types of the plate used is the most important factor to enable the heat exchanger to provide the heat transfer between the fluids within the desired parameters. Same levels of effective heat transfer performance can be achieved with different fluids thanks to the heat exchanger plates designed in different forms.

Plate Types

Standard Heat Exchanger Plates :
Standard Plates are plates used in standard applications such as hot water supply for daily use, low pressure steam applications, space heating. In order to achieve the most accurate solution in such applications, plates can be modified with special distribution channels, wide and narrow angled plate designs or different plate depths that provide minimum pressure losses with maximum.

Wide Gap Heat Exchanger Plates :
In some processes, there are solid particles in the fluid that will pass through the heat exchanger. The wide gap plates are specially designed for these applications by the MIT Engineers. Particles in the fluid flow without getting stuck in the channels of the heat exchanger plate. As a result, level of contamination in the plates is kept to a minimum. Wide Gap Heat Exchanger Plates are also thicker than standard heat exchanger plates. Therefore, it is more resistant to corrosive factors that may be present in the fluid. These plates are especially used in textile industry to provide optimum efficiency in waste heat recovery.

Semi-Welded Heat Exchanger Plates :
Aggressive fluids and high temperatures used in some applications shorten the lifetime of gaskets. In these applications, we extend the durability and lifetime of the heat exchanger by laser welding the plates on the side where aggressive fluid is. Other side of the system with the non-aggressive fluid is gasketed as in standard applications. This allows easier maintenance for the heat exchanger.

Double Wall Heat Exchanger Plates :
In cases where mixing of two fluids used in the process is dangerous, MIT Double Protection Heat Exchanger Plates ensure the system is completely safe. In these heat exchangers, two plates are joined without welding. This allows the fluid can flow easily between these two plates. In case of any leakage, the fluid leaks out between these two plates without mixing with the other fluid and can be intervened in advance. Due to its similarity to standard sealed heat exchangers, these can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

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