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Plate Types

MIT Plate Heat Exchangers, the rising star of Plate Heat Exchanger market, takes heart from the design team which provide continuous support.

Plate Types

Standart Plates:
These plates are used in standart applications such as, supplying hot utility water, low pressure steam applications and site heating. Their special distribution channels provide, wide and narrow angles depending on requirements, minumum pressure losses, special plate depth providing maximum efficiency, MIT Plate Heat Exchanger Standart Plates present best solutions for these kind of applications.

Large Gap Plates:
In some applications, there may be some solid particles in the liquid passing through the heat exchanger. For these kind of applications, large gap plates have been designed by MIT Team. Large gap plates, enable solid particles to pass through the heat exchanger without sticking the channels and minimize pollution in the heat exchanger. Moreover, these large gap plates are thicker compared to standart plates. This thickness increases resistance to possible corrosive factors in the liquid. They are especially is used in textile indusry to optimize efficiency in heat recycle.

Half Brazed Plates:
Two plates are brazed into each other by using lazer brazing in MIT Half Brazed Plates.In such applications that include aggressive liquids and high temperatures, gasket life can be very short. Therefore using MIT Half Brazed Plates is advised in aggressive liquid side instead of using gaskets in this kind of applications. The liquid in the other side pass through the gasketed surface like standart applications so your system will be safer and maintenance of your heat exchangers will be easier.

Double Protected Plates:
If two liquids of a process should not mix, MIT Double Protected Plates ensure full system safety. In these heat exchangers, two plates are joined together without brazing and the liquid can easily pass between the plates. If a leakage occurs, the liquid gets out between these two plates without mixing with the other liquid and early intervention can be possible. Moreover, they can be easily removed and cleaned like standart gasketed plates.

Evaporator Plates:
MIT Evaporator technology has been designed to meet concentration needs of industrial fluid and chemical processes. MIT can find unique solutions about this concept, as a result of years of experience and research applications. Furhermore, according to product viscosity, heat characteristics, concentration, efficieny and production quantity, MIT can suggest both tubular or plate heat exchanger. Moreover, depending on product type and economic factors, there are different applications such as, evaporator single transition and no compression heat and steam.

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  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
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