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Reasons to Use Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate heat exchangers provide heat recovery and offer high efficiency. It is long lasting and practical as it is easy to maintain.

Why Should I Use Plate Heat Exchanger?
Why MIT Plate Heat Exchangers?
  • It offers high efficiency in heat transfer.
  • It takes up little space with its compact structure.
  • It can be completely disassembled and cleaned easily.
  • It has a wide range of plates and gaskets.
  • Designed by solution-oriented expert sales engineers
  • It has quality certificates such as CE, ISO, EAC, BV.
  • Completely manufactured in Turkey.
  • It is put on the market by the main manufacturer.
  • It has a wide service and dealership network.
  • It offers competitive prices.
  • It is delivered as soon as possible thanks to its strong production and logistics infrastructure.
  • It is under Ekin Endüstriyel warranty for 2 years.

MIT - ESP Software

We use the MIT - ESP software developed by Ekin Endüstriyel Software Team for designing plate heat exchangers. It is the first and only of software of its kind developed in Turkey with a simple and easy to use interface. It also has user friendly features such as warning system that provide automatic corrections based on the selected process, and intelligent control systems that disables the wrong choices.

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Contents of Professional Service Package:

  • Plate supply for every brand and model.
  • Gasket supply for every brand and model.
  • Revision and cleaning of plate heat exchanger.
  • Fast and detailed cleaning of heat exchanger plates.
  • Cleaning heat exchanger plates with special chemicals.
  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
  • Delivery of heat exchanger operating like it is new.
  • 7 days 24 hours service opportunity.

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