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Solenoid Dosing Pumps

What is a Dosing Pump?

INJECTA Dosing Pumps are sensitive pumps designed for dosing chemicals in the pumping process. Most common fluids that require dosing are acids, chlorine, liquid fertilizers, etc.

Solenoid Dozaj Pompa Nedir?

Dosing Pump

Dosing pumps allow automatic dosing of certain chemicals for different purposes. These pumps are electromagnetic pumps that are operated electronically. Flow is generated with the movement of the membrane. Impulse coming from the electronic circuit activates the magnet. Magnet pulls the membrane piston. This creates the maximum stroke and the membrane connected to the steel core pushes the solution to the pump.

The suction check valve at the suction port closes, the discharge check valve at the discharge port opens, and the solution is pressed into the discharge hose. After the magnetization is finished, the suction check valve opens, the discharge check valve closes, so that the liquid is drawn into the head of the pump. As a result of this cycle dosing takes place.

Dosing Pump Features

  • Adjustable stroke rate with potentiometer
  • Easy and flexible installation and operation thanks to vertically mounted design
  • All plastic body providing high resistance against corrosive chemicals
  • Electromagnet and long-life Teflon (PTFE) membrane controlled by electronic circuit
  • Less maintenance thanks to ceramic ball design
  • Pumping and suction accessories

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