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Advantages of Pool Heat exchnagers And Working Principle of MIT Tube Pool Heat Exchangers

MIT shell & tube swimming pool heat exchangers can be used in various types like solar pool heating systems or boiler pool heating systems.

Advantages of Pool Heat exchnagers


* High efficient, coefficient up to 10000 W/m²°C, heat transfering capacity is more than 5-6 times from traditional equipments.

* Compact configuration, one tenth of traditional equipments.

* Stainless steel and/or titanium materials endure high temperatures, pressures and corruptions.

* Helix screw thread elasticity heat exchanger bundle, eliminate the stress.

* Compliable with ASME Standards VIII-1.

* Compact design.

* Easy installation and durable.

MIT swimming pool heat exchanger's tubes and shells are designed for 205 °C temperature and 1.3 MPa pressure. Shells can be made from AISI 316L or titanium and tubes & connections can be made from AISI 316L, AISI 304 or titanium which depends on working temperature and chlorine concentration.


Working Principle of MIT Tube Pool Heat Exchangers

Borulu Havuz Eşanjörlerinin Çalışma Prensibi

MIT pool heat exchangers perform the heating / cooling process from the boiler / chiller by transferring water from the pool. The MIT pool heat exchangers prevent the passage of chlorine or any chemicals from the pool to the system, keeping the system and pool separate.

MIT pool heat exchangers ensure that the pool is healthy and long-lasting by keeping the materials that will harm the system. MIT pool heat exchangers are designed according to the size of the boiler or the size of the pool and the system to be used. The pool water with low temperatures allows the pool to heat evenly from the central boiler. MIT pool heat exchangers can be used in solar systems as well as boiler systems.

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